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Stay Connected With Your Vehicles

The RhinoSky Solution provides you with clear real time information through rich mapping systems that allow you to track your vehicles. RhinoSky enables you to see your vehicles at a glance and determine which vehicles are active and which have their ignition off. You can watch the fuel, mileage, and speed tracking for each of your vehicles while being able to see the geography they are traveling through.

Fuel Tracking

Provides high-precision measurement of fuel level in tank, and gives detailed information
about fuel tank filling and draining.

Mileage Tracking

In today's economy, fuel economy is the hot topic. With just a few clicks,
RhinoSky can help you keep track of your vehicle's real mileage while recording fuel expenses.

Location Tracking

Get exact location of your vehicles on a map and view your
vehicles’ trip history.

Full history of past events

We show you exactly on what dates accruals happen.


Clean and Clear Dashboard

Accessible, affordable and refreshingly easy to use for small to high businesses.

Used to verify work tickets. Logs drive time, mileage, and arrival time.

True vehicle idling times.

Provides a thorough examination of vehicle activity throughout the day.

All vehicle speeds exceeding a specified speed threshold.

Simplified Reports

The RhinoSky Solution provides you with intelligent reporting that improves
operational effectiveness. Reports created by RhinoSky will improve your
organizations back-office functions such as, payroll, accounting, and tax

Record keeping is critical to your business. The RhinoSky Solution automatically logs miles, and through our Intelligent Fuel Card Reconciliation allows you to calculate fuel consumption and costs.

Geozone Alert

Allows you to designate an area with a virtual fence. Alerts will be active if the vehicle is leaving/entering a specified area.

Alert when your vehicles enter a location.

Alert when your vehicles exit a location.

Real Time Notifications

User can choose threshold conditions for various functions and features and receive real time notifications.

Seat Belt Alert
DTC Alert (Vehicle Diagnostic)
Speed Alert
Ignition On/Off Alert
In/Out bound Driving Boundary Alert
Battery Law Voltage Alert
Device Reset Alert
Idle Alert

Vehicle Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance Reports can extend the life of your vehicles and keep your vehicles productive. Service Alerts help you manage the maintenance needs of your vehicles.

Oil & Oil Filter Changed
Fuel Filter
Air Filter
Transmission Oil & Filter
Clean Injectors

Maintenance alerts can be set by calendar date/time. Each alert provides a specific name and description and can cover multiple vehicles.

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